Luxury Vinyl

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Choose Luxury Vinyl for Those Challenging Applications

As gorgeous as other flooring options may be, sometimes your decision comes down to a few simple questions. Is the flooring material durable enough for the room I want to use it in? Will it be easy to clean and care for? Will it look good for years to come?


If you’re putting flooring in a room that’s likely to see high traffic or spills, luxury vinyl may be the right choice for you. Luxury vinyl tile and planks (LVT and LVP) are available in a broad range of styles and colors that look like authentic hardwood and other materials. The difference is that they’re engineered to be used in places where hardwood would be damaged. Luxury vinyl is also more cost effective for use in commercial properties.

Boise's Premier Luxury Flooring

GC Design has partnered with some of the leading luxury vinyl manufacturers to be able to offer you an exceptional variety of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring choices. To learn more about them, please explore the links to the manufacturers’ websites below. Then call GC Design to discuss purchase and installation.

Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options

GemCore by Reward

GemCore by Reward composite flooring gives you the appearance and feel of wide plank hardwood, but it’s designed for use where wood might not be ideal. It’s available in multiple collections with different looks and finishes.

Reward Luxury Vinyl Tile

Reward’s luxury vinyl tile comes in wide plank options with impressive visuals. It’s FloorScore certified and eco-conscious. It’s available in many colors and patterns that are trending in home design.